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Kevina Love is a gospel artist who comes from a rich heritage of singers. Even as a little girl, Kevina was often caught in a corner of the church watching her family sing. Kevina most admired her grandmother, Janie Crawford (of the Gospel Travelers), and her mother, Joyce Humbert (backing vocalist to Ms. Patti Labelle).

At age 13, Kevina joined the group PYT (Pretty Young Thing) as their lead singer. At the age of 14, Kevina felt the call of God in her life and vowed to sing for the Lord. Kevina had many chances to go back and sing R&B on the professional level, but she wanted to stay true to her calling to sing for Jesus Christ.

Along life’s journey, Kevina suffered many trials In 2013 she lost her husband  3 months later she lost her step son to murder  and 3 months later her son Keyvon was  murdered  . While this challenged her faith, Kevina vowed to never let go of God’s hand. During the worst times in her life, Kevina would pick up a pen and paper and write a heartfelt song. When she worships God, Kevina strives to let God take over so that she can leave her heart and soul on the stage.

In a recent interview, Kevina said, “My favorite artist is Ms. Tarraylin Ramsey. I’m so inspired by her. I feel like she has such a beautiful instrument and it’s surely admired by me and so many others. My mother, Mrs. Joyce Humbert, and grandmother, Mrs. Janie Crawford, are also huge inspirations to me. I thank God for all of the talents that He has blessed me with and I intend on using each gift to the fullest. Only the Lord Jesus knows what the future holds for me, but I trust and believe in God for the best. I desire to sing all over the world and be as much help to God’s kingdom as I can.”


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